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KC Halogen Lights UNIVERSAL

Brand: KC HiLites | Category: Halogen Lights


1242 6x9
Drvg Chm 100w (ea)
1732 5x7
Drvg Plstc 55w (ea)
1763 2x6
Flood Plstc 55w (ea)
740 5x7
Lng Rng Blk 100w (pr)
1522 2x6
Fog Plstc Clr 55W (ea)
1757 5x7
Drvg Chm 55w (ea)
1789 5x7
Lng Rng SS 100w (ea)
517 2x6
Backup Blk/Plstc 55w (pr)
1525 2x6
Emerg Red Plstc 55w (ea)
1530 5x7
Fog Plstc Amb 55w (ea)
1557 5x7
Fog Chm Amb 55w (ea)
1558 5x7
Fog Blk/Chm Amb 55w (ea)
1559 5x7
Fog Chm Clr 55w (ea)
242 6x9
Driving Chm 100w (pr)
516 2x6
All Season Blk/Plstc 55w (pr)
737 5x7
All Season Chm 55w (pr)
775 3x5
Wide Beam LX2 Drvng 55w (pr)
1739 5x7
Flood Plstc 55w (ea)
1760 5x7
Lng Rng Chm 100w (ea)
1762 2x6
Lng Rng Plstc 55w (ea)
240 6x9
Lng Rng Chm 100w (pr)
241 6x9
Lng Rng Blk 100w (pr)
736 5x7
Lng Rng Blk/Plstc 55w (pr)
1243 6x9
Drvg Blk 100w (ea)
1709 5x7
Flood Chm 55w (ea)
1787 5x7
Drvg SS 55w (ea)
738 5x7
All Season Blk 55w (pr)
786 5x7
Lng Rng SS 100w (pr)
1536 5x7
Emerg Blue Plstc 55w (ea)
735 5x7
All Season Blk/Plstc 55w (pr)
1240 6x9
Lng Rng Chm 100w (ea)
1241 6x9
Lng Rng Blk 100w (ea)
1532 5x7
Fog Plstc Clr 55w (ea)
1560 5x7
Fog Blk/Chm Clr 55w (ea)
1587 5x7
Fog SS Amb 55w (ea)
1589 5x7
Fog SS Clr 55w (ea)
1734 5x7
Lng Rng Plstc 55w (ea)
1758 5x7
Drvg Blk/Chm 55w (ea)
1761 5x7
Lng Rng Blk/Chm 100w (ea)
243 6x9
Driving Blk 100w (pr)
785 5x7
All Season SS 55w (pr)
1520 2x6
Fog Plstc Amb 55w (ea)
1535 5x7
Emerg Red Plstc 55w (ea)
1775 3x5
Wide Beam Plstc 55w (ea)
1786 5x7
Flood SS 55w (ea)
739 5x7
Lng Rng Chm 100w (pr)

Product Description

KC 35 Series Rectangular Black Nylon-Reinforced Plastic Housing
55 Watt H3 Halogen Bulb (Replaceable) – 22,000 Candlepower
Wider Spread Beam Pattern for Additional Width to Maximize Side to Side Visibility
System Includes Complete Wiring Harness, and Switch Kit
Designed and Assembled in the USA

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