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Brand: Rigid Ind. | Category: LED Lighting
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88221 20" RDS Series - Spot
88321 30" RDS Series - Spot
88421 40" RDS Series - Spot
88521 50" RDS Series - Spot
88621 54" RDS Series - Spot
40290 Stainless Steel Hardware
Includes: Security Nuts/Bolts & Key

Product Description

Rigid Industries® LED Lighting, the world leader in forward projecting LED lighting via its patented optics systems and torture-tested housings, announces the latest innovation with the RDS-Series™ radius light bar. This linear light bar is the legendary flagship E-Series™ light bar treated to a gentle arc, creating a curve in a 20”-54”extruded aluminum housing and packed full of Rigid Industries® Spot™ LED technology to produce an astonishing custom look for any car, truck or offroad vehicle. The RDS-Series™ is the apex of form and function.

Rigid Industries® RDS-Series™ is another first for the LED lighting industry and has been in testing and pre-production for the last two years and was first tested by BJ Baldwin as seen on his trophy truck at Parker 300 in January 2012. Since that time, Rigid Industries’ engineering team has been through numerous design changes, incorporating multiple patent pending utility and design features. The RDS LED light bar transforms the rectangular light bar Rigid Industries created, which became a phenomenon in 2006, to give this futuristic design sleekness and offer its customers an increased light spread. The world is curved, match it.

“Listening to our consumers’ needs and wants and then exceeding their expectations is what Rigid Industries does best, and we are proud to introduce a revolutionary product like the RDS-Series,” says Taylor Anderson, VP of Marketing for Rigid Industries.

The RDS-Series is offered with the patented Hybrid Spot™ optic which gives off a 10-degree cone of light spread across the arc of the housing radius. The typical straight light bar is a 10-degree beam with a 10-degree spread. When combined with the patented optics and the new RDS-Series housings, you get the same incredible distance, but in a 54” RDS-Series, the beam now is almost 50 degrees wide! The highest center of intensity on the RDS-Series projects a total distance of approximately one mile. The RDS-Series will benefit those who need to light up great distances and still see a deer on the side of the road at the last minute. As with all our lights, you will get IP68 sealing, ease of mounting or adjustment and reliable securement.

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